Government guidelines may require postponement or cancellation of this event. Please check with the web site

We are going ahead with our January 2022 meeting and the following is from our chairman, Martyn Cook.           Please click on Programmes to see details.

Hello everyone,

 We are suspending gathering at the tea and coffee hatches, if you need a drink then please bring your own.  As for social spacing.  There is plenty of room in the hall so you can space yourself out if you wish or sit with friends.

My Concerns... I am concerned that the current situation with Omicron could have some lasting effect on our society membership.  Recovering from the last lockdown has been difficult and we are not there as yet.  Now here we are with another health scare that will possibly put off more of our members from attending our monthly meetings.  The following is my personal view regarding the current pandemic and not that expressed necessarily by MHAS.  My sole concern is that our wonderful society that has endured for nearly 40 years could be at risk if we give in to this pandemic.  

The Omicron virus is spreading faster than the previous version but it has been reported that it may not be as harmful particularly if you have had all three injections.  Hospitals do not report being overrun with Omicron patients although it is steadily rising but that is to be expected as most have other medical problems.  The problem is that many NHS staff have either contracted or are isolated from Omicron and sadly the press, TV, papers etc. as usual love to exploit bad news.

Many of the patients that have been admitted do not appear to have had all of the current vaccinations.  The TV reports every day on many thousands of new confirmed cases, but please stop and think, if all of these required hospitalisation then hospitals would certainly be completely overrun by NOW.  

Many of you will know of friends, neighbours and relations who have had the virus and have come through it and returned to work, I do.  Instead of doom and gloom, why not report on those many thousands of cases who have got through it and are now back at work but of course that doesn't sell newspapers or headlines.

The TV news channels etc. that always seem to be in one hospital or another do not report the fact that many of those hospitalised have not taken up the offer of the vaccinations being offered.  I personally find it strange that hospitals that report being overloaded always have time to stop and talk to a camera.

What we should always keep in mind is that the media, both TV and newspapers, always paint a black picture, sales are their livelihood and they want to protect their livelihood.

We must not give in to this pandemic.  During WWII did the people give in to the bombs etc. no they carried on as usual.

Once again I must remind you that this is my personal view, you most likely may have a different view.

However, we the trustees look forward to seeing you on the 7th, please don't forget your facemask.

A Very Happy New Year to you all,

Yours sincerely


MHAS Chair & Membership Secretary