Ray Hooper

We are saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Ray Hooper.

His obituary is on the OBITUARY page

Our monthly meeting on Friday 6th March featured an illustrated talk by an aviation historian and author and an old friend of the society. He also presents the TV series, "Plane Resurrection". Ian McLachlan was accompanied by his wife, Susan and the title of his talk was "1920's - Flappers n' Flyers".

Ian gave a fascinating account of what is sometimes referred to as "the golden age of flying". The 1920's and 30's was an era of fast aviation progress and of intense interest to the public at large. Invariably attractive and wealthy young women vied with men to perform daring aviation stunts. One American girl looped her 'plane 199 times without pause. They could be filmed wing walking and other equally risky aerial "crowd pleasers". A few female adventurers attempted to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic and sadly some lost their lives in the attempt. It was not achieved until Amelia Earhart succeeded in 1928. She was lost without trace in the Pacific aged 39.

A fascinating  talk by someone who really know his stuff!  A vote of thanks was given by our President, Richard Barker.

Ian McLachlan (left) with Martyn Cook and our president, Richard Barker..