Martlesham Heath Aviation Society lock-down (May 2020)  quiz.

These questions – mainly refer to WW2 – and some directly to Martlesham Heath.

Feel free to use any Resources to answer the Questions.

Some questions attract extra points.

No prizes! Just let Howard know how you got on.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers.

1. - How many engines did the Beardmore Inflexible have? (One point)

2- A rather strange Airfield Defence Device, installed at Martlesham Heath had the initials: P. A. C. (1 Point)

What was its full name

                3    - Some American ‘plane mathematics.

                               If you add the American Catalina and the Mustang and then subtract the                                

                               Republican Thunderbolt and then add the Martin Marauder what do you get? (One point)

                4 -  In the early part of WW2 weapons were in short supply. To help defend airfields and other strategic sites                               “home brew” weapons were developed.

                               One at Martlesham was called “the Bison”. Describe it. (One point).

               5- What was the normal crew of a Short Stirling bomber? (One point)

               6 - What are the equivalent ranks in the Army and the Navy to a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air                        Force? (1 Point for each correct answer= 2 points)

       7 - What were the Home guard Auxiliary Units meant to do in the Event of a German Invasion?                          (1 Point)

            8 - What was the A.T.A. known for in WW2     (1 Point)

9)  When you were using a “Hedgehog” at sea, what were you trying to do?                (1 point


           10) During World War 2 – Who moved into Kesgrave Hall (1 point)

 11) What was the weight of the heaviest German Bomb used during World War 2 – Often christened “Herman” by British Bomb Disposal Units? (1 point)

       12) During World War 2 – what were stationed at Trimley and Kirton just outside Ipswich?   (1 point)

       13) What day of the week was the original V.E. Day? (1 Point)

       14) Who, in World War 2 – went to war on a Chariot? (1 Point)

       15) What is the number on top of the Martlesham Heath Control Tower Museum? (1 Point)                                                                                                                    




1) 3 Engines. (It’s on Youtube)

2)  Parachute and cable.

3)  The PBY5A + The P51 Thunderbolt – P47Mustang  + The Martin Marauder B26

                             gives 5+51—47+26 = 35

4)A mobile Pill Box, made of Concrete mounted on the back of a flatbed Truck - underneath access was made     through a hole in the trailer bed.

5) A Stirling had a crew of 7

6) Army: Major, Navy: Lieutenant Commander.

7) They were soldiers of Churchills “Secret Army” They were meant, as a special Unit of The Home Guard on an invasion, to go into prepared underground Bunkers – and come out once the German invasion had passed, and cause havoc to the German supply lines and target German Officers (You get the point for anything like this).

8) The A.T.A. (Air Transport Auxiliary) Civilian Male and Female Pilots ferried RAF Aircraft from factories and maintenance units to operational airfields etc. For more go to: https://atamuseum.org/

9) Trying to sink enemy Submarines.

10)The Officers of the American 356th Fighter Group, operating at RAF Martlesham Heath

11):  The SC 2500 (2400Kg) Bomb… one was thought to have landed in Holywells Park in Ipswich – there are      photos of the Bomb disposal Unit making a bomb of this sort safe. For more information go to:          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SC2500_bomb.

12) Large Calibre Guns on special railway wagons, with enough range to fire over Felixstowe and out to sea,       and also onto Martlesham Heath if German paratroopers had landed and taken over the airfield.

13) Tuesday.

14) The Royal Navy, who had divers ride 2 man underwater torpedo like devices – to attack ships like The        Tirpitz. To find out more go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chariot_manned_torpedo

15)  30 – being the recommended bearing to land on the Airfield on a particular day.