At the Control Tower museum we welcomed a Remembrance Day visit from some of the children from nearby Gorselands primary school on Friday 9th November. Two children gave readings and there was a one minutes silence followed by a wreath laying at the foot of the Control Tower Museum. The wreath will be taken to our Remembrance Day service and parade on the Barrack Square at 3pm on Sunday 11th November

Our meeting on Friday, 4th January was extremely well attended. The speaker was one of our own members and he gave an illustrated talk entitled, "Hitler's Aircraft."

John Pyle gave a fascinating insight to the rather terrifying futuristic designs that at were on the drawing board in the Third Reich. Fortunately nearly all came too late and World War 2 ended before they could be fully developed. One design that was used near the end of the war was the Messerschmitt 163. A rocket powered fighter with a phenomenal rate of climb but a very short endurance. It nevertheless did shoot down a few American heavy bombers.

Another fact in our favour was Hitler's tendency to overrule those who often knew better. The Messerschmitt ME262 was developed as a defence fighter, but Hitler insisted that it could be used as a bomber. Consequently it's introduction into the defence of Germany against the American daylight bombing was delayed. By this time fuel and experienced pilots were in short supply and the alloys required to manufacture the German jet engine was in very scarce supply.

A most interesting talk and a vote of thanks was given by our President, Mr Richard Barker.

Above - John Pyle delivering his talk   Above - Answering questions            View from the back giving some

                                                                                                         idea of the audience