We are always grateful for donations sent to us by individuals and organisations who recognise our efforts  to keep alive the history and aviation heritage of Martlesham Heath. Three times in recent months we have received donations from the group who represent the 357th Fighter Group who were at Leiston. Famously nicknamed “the Yoxford Boys” by Lord Haw Haw. The latest donation is for £150. We are most grateful to them.

Recently we also received a donation of £1000 from the DC Moncrieff Charitable Trust for specific improvements to the Control Tower museum display. Once again, our sincere thanks.



Photos courtesy

John Cooper.

We were hosts to members of the Jaguar Car Club when they visited the Control Tower Museum on Saturday 13th May.

The Martlesham Heath Aviation Society Monthly Meeting - Friday 2nd June....

Vicky Gunnell, Society Programme organiser, stepped into the limelight to present her much anticipated talk "Through the Eye of a Camera - A profile of William Walden Hammond - Royal Flying Corps"

This talk - particularly apt as we run up to the Martlesham Heath (MH100) Centenary Celebrations - looked at her Great Uncle William Walden's story as a true pioneer Aviation Photographer - from his early days, and his love of amateur Photography - to his work in the Royal Flying Corps, particularly his early work on Orfordness - and then when he moved to Martlesham Heath becoming a major player in the specialist Martlesham Heath Photographic Unit at this fascination Airfield. 

Vicky showed us images from the vast collection of Photographs that she is holding - in The Wallace Hammond Collection,  mostly of amazing quality - especially as many are over 100 years old. Aerial images were often taken using a cumbersome Glass Plate Camera, whilst William was hanging precariously over the side of the cockpit in flimsy Great War Biplane Fighters - he was not strapped in.

She also showed us photo's of Planes, Pilots, and individuals on the Ground, including some fascinating images of a lost Suffolk - with interesting anecdotes culled from his diaries.

It was a privilege to see these images. Many had not been seen in public. We had a fascinating evening with a packed and attentive audience.

The vote of thanks was given by the MHAS President Mr Richard Barker.

Our next Meeting has been overtaken by the Huge MH100 Centenary Celebrations .... with the Society and our Control Tower Museum and deeply involved. We invite everyone to come along on the weekend of 8th/9th July (see Poster elsewhere in the Magazine) - and celebrate the fascinating and unique story of Martlesham Heath over the last 100 years.

Our members will be helping and we, and MH100, would be delighted if you can help as well... For more information call 01473 274300.

………………PRESS RELEASE…………………

                           Major Event – Martlesham Heath Nr Ipswich, Suffolk

Weekend of 8th and 9th July 2017

A major event, to celebrate the 100th Year of the Martlesham Heath Aerodrome. Over 10,000 people are anticipated to attend this amazing weekend.

Outline – The event was conceived in early 2014 by Peter Davies. The event soon evolved and engaged local people and business throughout the parish of Martlesham Heath bought together the local Martlesham Heath Aviation Society and Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd & local Parish Council, BT at Adastral Park, all local organisations.


Education - Links have been created with local schools Birchwood, Gorseland and Kesgrave High School all engaged in participation with Choirs and Musical entertainment.

RAF - Veterans over 2 days (One former local Spitfire pilot) and USAF Attendees from Lakenheath airfield

There will be a veterans area during the weekend and also special guests from other parts of the UK who were based at Martlesham Heath during the WW2. Enactment groups will be performing and lots of information will be made available through a bespoke exhibition during the weekend. Over 20 VIP guests are flying in from the USA, some ex USAF personnel accompanied by their relatives.

Flypasts from the RAF Battle of Memorial Flight will occur on both days and there will be a special display by the Red Devils Parachute team will land in the central display area.

Marquees and full catering facilities will be available together with WW1, WW2 and vintage military and civilian vehicles, static aircraft (Including the  Hurricane and Spitfire), exhibition areas, central stage area with entertainment over the two days. A large screen will highlight the main events and a host will keep the audience informed as each day progresses.

On the Sunday afternoon there will be an unveiling of a large commemorative stone, prepared from a quarry in Wales. Marching bands, a USAF Guard of Honour will attend the  formal ceremony which will mark the 100years  unveiling by The Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk.

The event is FREE and anyone is welcome to enjoy a wonderful weekend in the company of heroes. Saturday 10am –10pm. Sunday 10am – 5pm.

                       For more information contact: Parker Communications:

                    07922 280380 or 01473 636983 or email info@parkercom.co.uk

Editors – For reserved media space, power, internet connectivity and other facilities please book early.

For immediate release                             2nd June 2017

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