Ray Hooper

We are saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Ray Hooper.

His obituary is on the OBITUARY page

Friday 7th February and we had a bumper turnout for our monthly meeting. Chris Turland is an old friend who has given us talks in the past. This time his subject was "Air and Water - The Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment at Felixstowe".

The Royal Naval Air Service station at Felixstowe preceded even RAF Martlesham Heath as a flying station. It was opened in August 1913 as "Seaplanes Felixstowe". In 1924, when Martlesham became the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, it became the Marine Experimental Establishment. It was responsible for the testing and evaluation for both military and civil seaplanes and flying boats. Just as Martlesham was also responsible for testing and evaluating both military and civil aircraft.

A great evening once again and a vote of thanks was given by our chairman, Martyn Cook.

Chris Turling (right) with Martyn Cook.

The Bristol Scout fighter on the upper main-plane of this flying boat is believed to be the first aeroplane to land on the heath at Martlesham - in 1916. It released at a height of 1000ft over Harwich before landing at Martlesham. It is shown here on the slipway of the Royal Navy Air Service Station at Felixstowe.